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Segunda Julho 27 14:36:24 BRT 2015


A PloneConf 2015 foi anunciada e o pessoal da organização abriu a submissão de palestras.
E aí, quem anima ir à Bucareste em setembro???


2015 Plone Conference now accepting talk submissions

Dear Plone community,

We are excited to announce that Plone Conference 2015 submission of 
talks is now open.
With just 12 weeks until the conference starts, the opportunity to 
submit a proposal for your talk has arrived. The deadline for submission 
is September 15th. Please send us your presentation ideas at 

The annual Plone Conference is an opportunity for the world-wide Plone 
community to come together, build connections, and learn about the 
current state and future direction of Plone.

Remember! The Plone community is wide and diverse. The audience is not 
limited to Plone developers, so feel empowered to share your experience 
from how to run a consultancy, to working with various teams, etc.

If you are a first time speaker at a Plone Conference, let us know and 
we'll bring you in contact with a buddy or buddies who will help you 
prepare your talk.

Looking forward to see your awesome presentations!

Alexandru Ghica
Eau de Web (http://www.eaudeweb.ro)
Maior Gheorghe Șonțu 8, ap 3 - 011448 Bucharest
Tel/fax: +40 21 222 1522, Mobile: +40 722 688 168
Jabber: alec em jabber.eaudeweb.ro, Skype: alecghica

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