[plonegov-br] Automating Plone site installations and the Interlegis case

Jean Rodrigo Ferri jeanferri em interlegis.leg.br
Sexta Fevereiro 1 14:33:24 BRST 2013

Apresentação feita na PloneConf 2012, na Holanda, por Márcio Mazza e 
Fabio Rauber:


The Interlegis Program, a brazilian goverment program to modernize the 
country's Legislative entities, has the objective to reach every one of 
more than 5.500 cities around the country. Using the Cloud approach, we 
try to host our products built around Plone to make the adoption easier 
on the cities with less resources: all is needed is an Internet 
connection. The objective of this talk is to demonstrate how Puppet, 
Plone, Squid and Zope were used to host our Portal Modelo (Model Portal) 
and SAPL (legislative proccess automation), and how we approached the 
enourmous demand for Plone Site installations with very limited human 


Jean Ferri
Analista de Sistemas
Interlegis - Brasília (DF)

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