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Tania Andrea taniaa.moreira em gmail.com
Sexta Abril 27 18:00:17 BRT 2012

Hi, Leonardo.

You are welcome!

Yes, this is the final date, with GITEC[1].

The video streaming are default in Interlegis, but we don't have the grid

[1] http://colab.interlegis.leg.br/wiki/VEncontroGitec

Tânia Andrea

2012/4/27 Leonardo Caballero <leonardocaballero em gmail.com>

> Hi Plonistas
> First of all a cordial greeting to the Plone government community in
> Brazil, my apology if it bothers you write in English instead of
> Portuguese.
> I want to ask about the Plone Symposium South America 2012 (0):
> The event date is final?, I ask this because for many people outside
> Brazil must know this date to schedule the trip purchasing airline
> tickets, hotel reservations and more things related to travel :D
> In this event conduct a conference call or workshops?
> I would like to hear about you about your impression coming soon
> (0) http://lanyrd.com/2012/plone-symposium-south-america/
> --
> Thanks you for your response
> T.S.U. Leonardo Caballero
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