[gitec] jabber.cz

André Brum da Silva andre em camaraagudo.rs.gov.br
Quarta Julho 9 08:44:41 BRT 2008


uso uma conta MSN no Gajim e recebi a seguinte mensagem pelo Gajim:
"Dear users, 
please excuse about 1 hour long server outage on Friday July 11 between
5pm and 7pm GMT. The servers will be moved to new server house, where
there are two brand new servers already waiting (we will add a few more
servers this year, this particular two were provided by our new partner,
http://www.superhosting.cz/?jabbim ). The moving and new servers will
help to further increase server stability and to offer our users more
awesome services. Since some services are moved between servers and IP
addresses are changed, please excuse short-time problems with transports
and services before and after the outage. Jabbim itself should run
smoothly except for the Friday's one hour outage. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
Jabbim Team".

Alguém pode traduzir, já que só entendi a idéia geral da mensagem?



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